July 11, 12 & 13, 2014

Friday the 11th was an in-house morning for class.  We spent time on “observation deck” doing our morning music mayhem.  At least that’s the way it feels to me, since I still don’t have a clue what I’m doing.  We worked with gourds making African music.  I can get the basic ta-da, but as soon as he adds dum-de-dum, I’m lost and feeling dumb.   The afternoon we were free to work on our projects and do what we wanted.  I rode the train all the way to Old Towne, which is the exact opposite on the map from where I am.  I met up with an old friend from WDBJ days and had dinner.  Then rode the train back to College Park.

Saturday I made it into the city to see the Newseum.  This is my favorite place to visit in DC and since it’s always changing a bit, I enjoy stopping here each time.  The museum is all about the Fourth Estate, all things journalistic, from 15th century news outlets to Twitter.  Fascinating stuff.

September 1814 paper with Francis Scott Key's lyrics printed on the front page

September 1814 paper with Francis Scott Key’s lyrics printed on the front page

Mangled antennae from the World Trade Center.

Mangled antennae from the World Trade Center.


Fun Anchorman Exhibit

Fun Anchorman Exhibit

IMG_2260 IMG_2259

Scenic DC from the observation deck

Scenic DC from the observation deck

Sunday I spent south of the Potomac at Arlington Cemetery and at the Pentagon Memorial…..in the blazing heat.  Barely escaped without heat stroke I think.

Visited Uncle Hank

Visited Uncle Hank

Paid for the tram to try and avoid the heat by walking all over creation.  That’s worth the $9.  It stops at Kennedy’s site, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and Arlington House, home of Robert E Lee.

IMG_2280 IMG_2290 IMG_2283 IMG_2281

I prowled Arlington House for a while.  Lee left his home once the Civil War started and the Union took it over for a while.  They began burying the dead soldiers on the grounds and eventually became Arlington Cemetery.   You can get the whole scoop at the NPS website.


The house is not air-conditioned and it’s full of original art.  I couldn’t believe they had all the stuff in an un-controlled climate.  When I asked the ranger about it, she said, “well it was hot then, too.” say what?!

IMG_2295 IMG_2299 IMG_2296

I left Arlington and headed to the Pentagon.  I wanted to see the 9/11 Memorial there.  The website said there was easy access.  Just get off the Metro and make a right, “it’s right there.” Failing to mention that you have to walk half-way around the world’s largest office building to get there!  This was about the point where I felt I might be succumbing to heat stroke.  Glad I made the effort, however.  It’s a beautiful and serene sight.


Pentagon 9/11 Memorial

Pentagon 9/11 Memorial






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