Wednesday July 2, 2014

Today was exciting.  Dan started us out with the usual song, dance rhythm activity, which I’m still uncomfortable doing.  I guess now I have a clue how some of my kids feel when I ask them to read out loud.  Then we got to meet Thomas Hampson.  He was interviewed on CNN at 10:40 and we watched the newscast on line.


He is collaborating with Mark Clague and Susan Key, who are the co-directors of the Institute.  They both are fundamental to the 200th celebration of the Star Spangled Banner and to the information, resources and celebrations outlined on their official 200th website.

At 11:30 he entered our hall and all heck broke out amongst the folk who really understand his importance in the music world.  Didn’t take me long.  The man is talented, good looking and has a brilliant brain.

My good buddy Thomas Hampson and I.  I told him that I'd like a picture for a "math lesson."  Get it?

My good buddy Thomas Hampson and I. I told him that I’d like a picture for a “math lesson.” Get it?

He talked on the history of music, education strategies, digital techniques, building his websites, his foundation, etc.  Teachers, music people and history fans, check out his website.  There are lots of great resources catalogued.

Hampson spent over an hour with us.  Tomorrow we see him perform at the Library of Congress.  Our co-directors will be interviewed on CSPAN on their 200th Banner Anniversary site and what we are doing this summer.  He’s an opera singer and you can look him up on YouTube.  But I liked this song from Les Mis that he performed for President Bush.

Tomorrow is first day in DC and first “big” concert.  I have to wear by “concert clothes” which will be a challenge because they are calling for 70% chance of rain, and I know there will be 100% chance of lots of walking.  Not sure which concert clothes will fit that criteria!


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