Tuesday July 1, 2014

Tuesday local master teacher, Wendy Schanberger presented some great ideas and further historical background for the core of the Institute.

David and Ginger Hildebrand, experts in Colonial Music presented a concert/lecture.  They talked a lot about the gender roles in early music and the importance of music to the social structure.  It was perfectly OK for women to play a guittar (not a type) or a harpsichord because they were considered “feminine instruments.”  It was very important to stick within those perimeters because one must always be mindful of raising one’s status.  Therefore, you mustn’t sing or plan an instrument that was beneath your class, because of course, the most important thing is to “marry up.”  Hence the expression to “dress up.”  Even if it meant taking a high society lady’s hand me downs, it was mandatory to work up towards the next “class level.”

There was lots of great discussion about tunes and songs.  Silly me, since I’m not musical.  I never thought about tunes banging around for centuries and taking on new life forms.  For instance, the tune “Nancy Dawson” has been reincarnated as THIS IS THE WAY WE WASH OUR CLOTHES, I SAW THREE SHIPS, HERE WE GO AROUND THE MULBERRY BUSH, and LAZY MARY.  There are many, many other examples of tunes that originated in the 1600 and 1700’s and still live today.


David and Ginger Hildebrand

David and Ginger Hildebrand

This is the kind of lovely music that they played on the piano and various stringed instruments.



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